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Candy That’s Good For Your Teeth?

The American Dental Associations suggests that chewing sugar-free gum could actually help prevent the development of tooth decay. Talk to Dr. Henrich at your next visit to our Tulsa, OK family dentist office to find out which sugar-free gum is best for helping to keep your teeth clean!

Why is sugar-free gum good for my teeth?

Chewing gum after eating stimulates the natural production and flow of saliva. Saliva is your body’s natural mouthwash, helping to dislodge food particles and fighting the buildup of bacteria. Increased saliva production can also help to increase calcium and phosphate to strengthen enamel helping to decrease the risk of decay.

Which type of gum is good for my teeth?

Make sure the gum you are chewing is sugar-free. Sugar based gums can increase tooth decay, coating the teeth with bacteria’s favorite food- sugar. Disease-causing bacteria feed on sugars- the acidic byproduct bacteria leave behind is what erodes enamel and leads to tooth decay.

Check gum packages for the ADA seal, then you’ll know you are chewing the best gum for your dental hygiene. All gums with the ADA seal contain artificial sweeteners that do not promote cavity causing agents. The ADA seal is the only way you can be assured the gum is sugar-free and will help, not hurt your healthy smile.

Chewing gum immediately after eating can help keep teeth clean and cavity free. However, never replace your regular oral hygiene routine with gum chewing. Brushing and flossing are always necessary for maintaining your oral health.

Treat your “sweet tooth” to some ADA certified sugar-free gum! If you have any questions about the benefits of gum, schedule an appointment with your dentist. It is always recommended to consult with Dr. Henrich before starting any new dental regiment. Regular visits to Henrich Dental are the best way to maintain your oral health and catch serious oral diseases early to avoid painful and lengthy procedures.