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Family Dentistry Tulsa, OK

Henrich Dental Provides Dental Services for the Entire Family

In contrast to a pediatric dentist, our family dentist office offers the convenience of being able to bring your whole family for dental care in one location. Our dentist in Tulsa, OK provides a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. No matter how old you are or what procedures you need, we hope you’ll feel comfortable here. Dr. Henrich provides comprehensive dental care for all stages of oral health.

children's dental care in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Early Dental Care: Building A Positive Experience

Dr. Henrich encourages parents to bring their children in as early as age 1, or at the sign of the first emerging tooth. Beginning family dental care at an early age can help your child become accustomed to the sounds and sights of being at the dentist. Our entire dental care team will help your child feel at ease as we being to build a life-long, positive patient-dentist relationship with you and your child.

Early life dental care helps Dr. Henrich track the development of your child’s oral health. Regular 6 month check ups throughout childhood can allow for early intervention and conservative treatment for any developing oral health concerns. During these early visits we screen for tooth decay, gum disease, oral signs of larger health concerns and structural bite problems.

We will also discuss and address any myofunctional habits, such as thumb sucking, that can detrimentally affect your child’s overall oral development.

Parents play an important role in their child’s oral health. Getting involved early on and setting a good example with your own oral hygiene can lay a strong foundation for a lifetime of effective oral hygiene and dental care.

We provide patient education for both parents and children so they can feel in control of their own oral health and aware of any developing dental concerns. We can offer tips and tricks for making brushing a fun twice daily activity, and help to educate the whole family on how important flossing really is.

A lot of children feel anxiety when they visit the dentist. It’s not uncommon, and we do everything we can to ensure they leave with a positive experience.

Childhood Tooth Decay

Cavities affect a staggering number of young children. Tooth decay in children can lead to a lifetime of oral health concerns and could compromise the development of their natural smile. Children with early development of tooth decay may be more susceptible to gum disease and even tooth loss.

Consistent at home oral hygiene is essential for patients of all ages starting as soon as the teeth being to emerge. Six month check ups and professional dental cleanings also help to keep gums and teeth in good health.

Dr. Henrich provides dental sealant treatments when appropriate to help prevent cavities. Sealants are a painless and quick way to help deter the development of tooth decay. The sealant is painted on to hard to reach surfaces and in the cusps of back molars, areas that are commonly subject to decay.

We also offer cosmetic white dental fillings for the treatment of tooth decay. Dental fillings can be custom color matched to blend seamlessly with your child’s natural smile for a beautiful and lasting result.

Family Dentistry FAQs

How old should children begin to see the dentist?

It is recommended that your child sees the dentist around their first birthday, or 6 months after their first tooth coming in. It is important for young children to see their dentist early, and keep regular checkups to ensure their jaw and teeth are inline and that they are keeping up with their oral hygiene.

Are thumb-sucking and pacifier habits bad for a child’s teeth?

Sometimes aggressive use of a pacifier or sucking thumbs can cause issues with baby teeth. A child sucking on their thumb, and a child sucking on a pacifier serve as the say action. The main problematic part of this behavior is the germs that may be entering the child’s mouth. Making sure to regularly clean pacifiers is a good way to limit any problems from thumb sucking behaviors.

What is the difference between a pediatric dentist and a family dentist?

A family dentist’s patients are primarily parents and children. Pediatric dentists, similar to pediatric doctors, are solely responsible for the oral health of children. They have the same level of dental training, but pediatric dentists specialize in working with children.

Is pediatric dentistry a specialty?

Pediatric dentists specialize in aiding youth in their oral health habits, and helping them through any dental issues that they may encounter throughout adolescence. They are especially good with children, and infants. Some issues that children may face with oral health, adults do not deal with. Pediatric dentists specialize in those types of issues to ensure that children receive specialized and proper oral care.

Schedule a family dental exam today. If you are looking for a welcoming, patient-focused and experienced dentist for the whole family, contact Henrich Dental to learn more about our comprehensive and personalized dental care. You can call our office or request an appointment online.