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Special Needs Dental Patients Tulsa, OK

Henrich Dental provides comprehensive dental services to patients of all ages and accommodates those with special needs or a fear of the dentist. We believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits of a healthy, comfortable smile. We work with patients whose disability makes it difficult for them to receive dental care in a traditional manner and setting.

Dr. Henrich, your dentist in Tulsa, OK works with a local anesthesiologist who comes to our family dentist office to administer IV sedation. This allows our staff to provide necessary or desired dental care while patients with a disability or special need are asleep in the dentist chair.

dental care for special needs patients in tulsa ok


Dental Care for Autistic Patients

Patients with autism often find it uncomfortable or impossible to receive dental care due to the close interaction required for successful treatments.

In the care of an experienced anesthesiologist, patients on the autism spectrum who would otherwise be unable to maintain a healthy smile with traditional dental care can sleep comfortably while Dr. Henrich and his staff maintain or restore their oral health.

Through the use of IV sedation, we can perform several dental procedures if necessary to help patients with autism and other special needs enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile.

My autistic son needs to be under general anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned and x-rayed. We looked locally in Bentonville, Arkansas for a dentist with experience with special need kids but did not find what we needed. We knew Dr. Henrich has done this multiple times so we arranged a cleaning procedure with Dr. Montgomery as the onsite anesthesiologist. Once he was under, Dr. Henrich worked extremely fast cleaning his teeth, filling cavities and sealing his teeth. Within a couple hours of waking up our son was back to his normal goofy self and showed no signs of discomfort.
The professionalism and courtesy of Dr. Henrich, Dr. Montgomery and the HD dental staff was greatly appreciated and help us through something we have dreaded for years. Even though we live 2 hours away, we will be returning anytime our son needs to see his dentist. Thank you!
Sara H.

If you have autism or a child on the autism spectrum, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Henrich to discuss how we can help you or your child address any dental health needs and concerns.