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What are my options for replacing missing teeth?

What are my treatment options for replacing my missing teeth?

If you are missing teeth you have options for replacement. Dental implants may be the advanced restorative treatment you need to restore the function, health and beauty to your natural smile.

Dr. Frank Henrich offers full service dental implant treatment plans from the comfort of his Tulsa, OK dentist office. Dr. Henrich provides solutions for replacing single missing teeth, multiple missing teeth, and implant options for securing a full denture.

Dr. Henrich provides in-house dental implants for precise and predictable results. Our patients enjoy the wide range of benefits dental implants offer.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Protect Your Oral Health: Dental implants can prevent secondary dental health concerns from developing that are often associated with tooth loss. Just one missing tooth can trigger a domino effect of major dental health concerns. Missing teeth may cause your remaining teeth to shift, impede your speech, and make it difficult to eat. Patients with missing teeth are also at a higher risk of bone loss, gum disease or infection.

Boost Your Confidence: Patients with missing teeth are less likely to smile and often feel embarrassed when they do. Getting dental implants keeps your smile looking fresh, healthy, and youthful. A healthy smile can build confidence and increase your quality of life, making you feel and look healthier and younger.

Lasting Results: Dental implants are a proven solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants have close to a 98% success rate. Patients are able to eat a diet without restriction and speak and chew without fear.

Natural Solution: Dental Implants are the most natural and life-like replacement option available in modern dentistry. Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that mimic the structure of a human tooth. Designed as a permanent dental restoration dental implants can last a lifetime with proper oral health care.

Choosing an Implant Dentist

Dr. Henrich consults with every patient on a personal basis and takes his time to discuss individual cosmetic and restorative dental goals. Dr. Henrich works with patients to build a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the underlying functional aspects of their oral health.

Dental implants may be the optimal treatment option for replacing your missing teeth. To find out the most appropriate treatment options for your individual oral health needs, contact our Tulsa, OK dentist office or schedule an appointment online.