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In an effort to help protect the health and wellness of all our patients and staff, we have decided to elevate our office safety precautions. Please read our new guidelines prior to your next appointment.

A Message From Dr. Henrich Regarding COVID-19

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What to Expect From Virtual Dentistry

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, many businesses and industries are trying to take things virtual. This includes the dental industry. Even though things are starting to open back up in many areas of the country, virtual dentistry is here…


What to Expect From a Root Canal

Root canals often get a bad reputation. However, they’re not nearly as bad as people tend to make them out to be. Dr. Frank Henrich of Henrich Dental, a dentist in Tulsa, OK, explains what you can expect from a…


Stress and Your Oral Health

The COVID-19 crisis is putting a lot of stress on Americans across the country. We know that stress impacts our body and mind in different ways. But do you know the impact it can have on your oral health? Dr.…


COVID-19: Your Safety & Health Remain Our Priority

Thank you for your patience and understanding, as the delays moving into the new office seemed to stretch on and on. We felt close and yet so far away many, many times. Well, the time has finally arrived. Yesterday we…


Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Out?

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure for patients in their late teens and early twenties. This is when the wisdom teeth normally begin to erupt and cause problems in the mouth. How do you know if yours definitely need…


What’s the Best Toothpaste for Me?

Going down the toothpaste aisle can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many different types and brands, where do you even start? Dr. Frank Henrich, an experienced dentist in Tulsa, OK, goes through different toothpaste types and features to…


Why Does My Dentist Offer Botox?

You may not think of going to your local dentist in Tulsa, OK to get Botox treatments. However, here at Henrich Dental, we use Botox for a variety of reasons. From improving your appearance to treating TMJ disorders, Henrich Dental…


What’s Involved in a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If you have extensive dental problems impacting teeth and gums, you may benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. Using multiple different treatment methods, Dr. Henrich, an experienced dentist in Tulsa, OK, will give you back your dental health and a…


Should I Get Dental Implants or Dentures?

If you have teeth missing, it can take a toll on your confidence. It can also mess up your oral health. There are many options for teeth replacement, but how do you know which one is right for you? Henrich…


What is Bruxism?

Do you clench and grind your teeth? You may have bruxism. Bruxism affects the temporomandibular joints which connect the jawbone to the skull. Speaking, chewing, and using the jaw can become painful when the temporomandibular joints are impacted. However, Dr.…