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Join Our Dental Care Membership Plan & Enjoy A Healthy Smile

No dental insurance? Looking for an affordable way to budget your annual dental health care needs? Dr. Frank Henrich offers a convenient in-office dental care membership plan for children and adults. One annual payment entitles you to two dental care…


Patient Reviews for Henrich Dental

At Henrich Dental, Dr. Frank Henrich and his team are dedicated to providing dental patients high-quality care with long-lasting results. Dr. Henrich is an oral surgeon who focuses on restoring the health and aesthetics of his patient's smiles. He uses…


What Causes Tooth Enamel Erosion?

Although tooth enamel is considered one of the hardest surfaces in the body, it can erode and compromise the integrity of tooth structure. Understanding the common factors affecting tooth enamel can help you maintain your oral health and the stability…


Start The New Year With A Healthy Smile

Is your smile ready for 2022? A healthy, vibrant smile can also support your best quality of life and overall physical wellness. Dr. Henrich offers the kind of caring, compassionate, and comprehensive dental services you need to enjoy optimal dental…


Maximize Your Dental Benefits

Do you have unused annual benefits with your dental insurance carrier? Most insurance policies follow the calendar year and those unused dental health dollars will be lost in a few weeks' time. Dr. Henrich and our dental care team provide…


Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

If you are wondering whether you are a good candidate for dental implants, you probably already know why they are a popular missing teeth treatment. Henrich Dental offers dental implants from the comfort of our Tulsa, OK office to help…


6 Reasons For Tooth Pain and How to Fix It

When a tooth is causing you pain, the sooner it can be relieved, the better. Tooth pain is not normal and is a sign that you need to visit your dentist soon to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Henrich…


Dental Implants At-A-Glance

Dental implants are the preferred tooth replacement option for people who deal with missing teeth. Whether you have missing teeth due to injury, tooth decay, or you may need a tooth extraction in the near future, you should learn about…


Is TMJ Causing My Jaw Pain?

Jaw pain can make daily living extremely challenging, which is why Tulsa, OK dentist Dr. Frank Henrich is dedicated to finding the source of your jaw pain and help you live a pain-free life. Dr. Henrich has years of experience…


FAQs About Dental Cavity Fillings

Do you feel like every time you go to the dentist, you’re being told you need another dental cavity filling? Dentists like Dr. Frank Henrich of Tulsa, OK want you to know the warning signs that can tell you that…