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Benefits of Dental Implants Tulsa, OK

Are your missing teeth causing issues? Is it difficult to eat or speak with missing teeth? Have your dentures become too uncomfortable?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a good candidate for dental implants. Henrich Dental offers dental implants in Tulsa, OK to solve many dental problems. Dr. Frank Henrich, your dentist in Tulsa OK, works with a local surgeon to provide a range of dental implants services to help you restore full function to your smile.

Teeth implants can also dramatically improve the aesthetics of your smile. Dr. Henrich will monitor your entire dental implant treatment plan for consistent and quality dental care. From treatment planning to your final restoration, our in-house dental care team has you covered.

Dental Implants offer many cosmetic benefits as well as health benefits. They offer Dr. Henrich’s patients a stable and healthy oral foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Dental implants can help transform and restore full function to your teeth. There are many cosmetic benefits of dental implants as well.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Patients Can Eat Food Without Restrictions

Not only are dental implants strong, stable, and permanent; but they also don’t have any dietary restrictions associated with them. This means that you can eat whatever you would normally eat without worrying about causing damage to your replacement teeth. Dental implants don’t limit what you can eat, unlike other teeth replacement options. For example, dentists recommend avoiding these types of foods while you have dentures on:

  • Very hard foods like nuts
  • Sticky foods like taffy, caramel and peanut butter
  • Tough meats
  • Foods and drinks that can cause stains

Dental Implants are Durable and Can Last A Lifetime

You will eventually need to repair or replace other options for missing teeth. That cost can add up over a lifetime. Because dental implants consist of titanium, they can last a lifetime with regular maintenance. Titanium is a biocompatible metal alloy that does not need any special care. The crown or dental prosthetic that caps the dental implant may need replacement at a later time, but it’s not typical.

No Need to Damage Healthy Teeth to Get Dental Implants

The dentist will not have to grind down adjacent teeth to make room for the implant post. They will also not need to remove healthy teeth for the dental implant to work. This is not the case with other options.

For example, When getting a dental bridge, the surrounding healthy teeth require grinding down in order to provide a place to attach the bridge. Basically, you are damaging your healthy teeth in order to provide a replacement for the missing tooth. On the other hand, an oral surgeon surgically places a dental implant only in the empty space of the missing tooth. Because of this, the procedure does not affect your healthy teeth.

Helps Avoid Bone Loss Associated with Tooth Loss

If you’re missing a tooth or multiple teeth, that void can cause bone loss and deterioration in your jawbone. Your Tulsa dentist, Dr. Henrich, will recommend dental implants because they are the only option for missing teeth that also helps stimulate the jaw bone, which is known as Osseointegration. This process helps stimulate bone growth and can help prevent further deterioration of the jaw bone. This will prevent bone loss in most implant patients.

No More Embarrassing Social Situations

Removable options, such as dentures, for missing teeth oftentimes slip or do not fit correctly. The constant worry that your dental prosthetic may fall out while talking or eating is taxing! This leads to feeling uncomfortable in public or around other people. Dental implants are permanent and do not slip, so speaking is a lot easier.

Improves The Appearance of Your Smile and Lower Face

A face without teeth will appear sunken and can make you look older than you really are. Fortunately, dental implants help keep the natural shape of your face in tact, and support your lower jaw area, which can also make you look younger. The cosmetic result will depend on the area of your face where the dentist places the implants, and how their placement affects your facial skin.

Closest Thing to Your Real Teeth

A dental implant will look, feel, fit and function just like your natural teeth. They are strong and stable and truly the next best thing to your real teeth. To learn more about the dental implants that we provide, see: