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Dentures Tulsa, OK

Modern dentures are an effective way to replace several missing teeth or a full arch of missing teeth. Dentures restore the functionality of your mouth and revitalize your smile. At Henrich Dental we specialize in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Using state-of-the-art techniques and technology, we can provide a natural-looking replacement for your teeth in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide patient-focused dental services that solve your issue the first time, for long term success.

About Dentures

At Henrich Dental we use state of the art technology, techniques, and materials to ensure you get high quality cosmetic dentures that you want. Modern dentures are more natural looking and offer a more secure and comfortable fit. Using 3-D imaging and digital scanners, we are able to provide a more precise fit denture that will support more stable long-term oral health.

Dr. Henrich may recommend securing your set of dentures with dental implants for the most stable and secure fit. With advancements in dental technology, securing a denture with dental implants is now the preferred way to replace a full arch of missing teeth. Implant secured dentures use strategic implants to hold the denture in place, enabling patients to enjoy a more stable bite and natural looking smile.

In the past, traditional dentures could be a very frustrating experience. Poorly fit dentures can rub against and agitate the soft oral tissues and are prone to slipping or falling out while the patient eats or speaks. Traditional dentures can also make it difficult for patients to eat a diverse diet of healthy foods. Securing it with dental implants will eliminate many of the frustrations.

Types of Dentures

If you are missing several teeth it can affect your appearance, your speech, and your ability to eat. Not to mention the dreaded facial sag. We can help rebuild your confidence and get you smiling again with a set of partial or full dentures. Complete dentures can be removable or secured using dental implants.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are for patients missing a whole row of teeth on the lower or upper jaw. Also referred to as full dentures, they rest on the gums and remain in place with suction and muscle control. If needed, patients can use denture adhesive to help stabilize the denture.

A complete set of removable dentures will provide aesthetically pleasing full teeth replacement. However, they cannot return your full biting and chewing abilities. They are simply not secure or stable enough to do so. Since they rest on the gums, you must remove the denture daily to rest your gums and muscles.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures differ from complete dentures because they replace several missing teeth but not a whole row. The framework includes strategically placed false teeth so that when the patient puts them in, they fill in the gaps along the arch. The framework also consists of metal clasps that snap onto the remaining teeth to keep them secure. However, these clasps can often be seen when smiling.

If you are missing teeth on the top or bottom arch, we can design a custom partial to make your smile whole again. A partial will fill in the gaps to ensure the remaining teeth do not shift out of place. As a removable appliance, you must remove it daily to clean and rest the gums.

Implant Retained Dentures

Dr. Henrich uses implant dentures to help some denture wearers enjoy the best possible results. An oral surgeon will place as few as four dental implants into the jaw. Dental implants are made from medical grade titanium that will fuse with the jaw bone, effectively serving as a tooth root to stabilize bone tissue. As the implants heal, they integrate with the jaw creating a lasting and stable bond. The implants help promote natural bone regeneration, preventing facial sagging often associated with missing teeth.

Once the dental implants are done fusing with the jaw bone, our dentist in Tulsa will work with you to create a custom denture. The denture will look and feel just like your natural teeth. If you have been without teeth or struggling with poorly fitted dentures, implant supported dentures can be life changing.

Dentures FAQs

As a top restorative dentist in this area, Dr. Henrich wants to make sure his patients are comfortable and confident with the treatments they are receiving. If you are considering dentures to replace your missing teeth, please read through our frequently asked questions. If you have more questions about your treatment or dentures in general, please contact our Tulsa dental office.

Should I get dentures or dental implants?

Dr. Henrich will recommend denture implants to his patients because they are better for your oral health and overall quality of life. They have less eating restrictions, will not slip around in your mouth, will preserve the jaw bone, and will not cause slurring speech. However, not everyone will qualify for implants. To qualify for them, you must be in good health and have enough bone to support the dental implants

How long will it take me to adjust to my dentures?

New dentures will feel a little odd at first. Since you are placing a foreign object in your mouth, it will take some time to adjust to this. This is not uncommon. Most dentists will say that it will take about 30 days to get used to wearing the new dental restoration. You will have to readjust to talking, smiling and eating.

Can I sleep in dentures?

Dr. Henrich does not recommend sleeping in your dentures. Your gums will need a break from wearing them and regularly wearing them overnight will cause a buildup of bacteria. This can lead to bad breath and infections. You will also need to clean them regularly. The best things to do is remove them in the evening for the daily cleaning.

Are dentures comfortable to wear?

If your dentures are properly fitted, they should feel comfortable. Initially, when you start using them, there will be a period of adjustment. Your dentures may feel odd and uncomfortable at first. Minor irritation or soreness is possible. However, as you adjust to them, wearing your dentures will become more comfortable. Regular maintenance will further improve their fit and comfort.

How do I clean my dentures?

To maintain clean dentures, rinse them frequently to eliminate food debris, particularly after meals. At bedtime, when you remove the denture for the night, use a soft-bristled brush and a non-abrasive denture cleaner to clean them thoroughly. You must do this daily to keep them clean and free of food and debris. Soak the dentures in water or a denture-cleaning solution overnight to preserve their shape. Before wearing them again, ensure they are rinsed thoroughly. Following these steps will help keep your dentures in good condition and extend their lifespan.

How often should I see Dr. Henrich for denture maintenance?

We suggest visiting Dr. Henrich twice a year for routine dental check-ups. Make sure to take your dentures along to each visit so he can inspect and adjust them if they require it. These appointments help ensure your dentures fit well and stay comfortable, considering that the shape of your mouth can change over time. Regular dental exams also aid in early detection of any oral health problems.

Schedule A Consultation for Dentures in Tulsa, OK

To learn more about how dentures, implant dentures, and partial dentures can solve your dental problems, schedule a consultation with Dr. Henrich in Tulsa, OK. He will evaluate your oral health and provide a personalized treatment plan designed to meet your dental health needs and cosmetic goals.