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COVID-19: Your Safety & Health Remain Our Priority

Thank you for your patience and understanding, as the delays moving into the new office seemed to stretch on and on. We felt close and yet so far away many, many times. Well, the time has finally arrived. Yesterday we started a new chapter at Henrich Dental as we moved into the new building! We are so excited to serve the community in our new building. We have much more space, wonderful views, more patient privacy with a cozy home feel.

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I also want to share a few thoughts on what everyone is reading about in the news.

Everyone is concerned about the spread of COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus. At Henrich Dental, we too are on a heightened level of concern and are taking every precaution possible to minimize its spread and assure that everyone who enters our doors is safe.

We do feel we should apologize, our office has been practicing a high level of infection control since Dr. Henrich opened in August of 2013. We just haven’t made it common knowledge amongst our patients. We just do it as a matter of course, to assure that we keep a safe environment for you, your family, our staff and our doctor (yours truly).

The AIDS crisis that began in the 1980’s set the infection control guidelines. We have always rigorously followed all infection control guidelines. In fact, as part of our licensure as dentists, we have to regularly renew our knowledge of these guidelines. And, it’s worked!

What you may also not know is that at Henrich Dental, we care for some of our local physicians here in Tulsa. They know we follow a strict protocol that assures their safety and YOUR safety.

In light of the current situation, we are redoubling our efforts, which we will happily show you. We will gladly give you a tour of our facility to show you the extraordinary lengths we go to, to assure everyone’s continued health and safety.

We ask, however, that you and your family be cautious and do not come to the office if you have a fever, a cough or other flu-like symptoms. If you have these symptoms, please call our office to reschedule.

Here is an infographic from the CDC to help you and your family stay safe.

Our hearts go out to anyone affected by the Coronavirus. And, if it’s been a while since we’ve seen you, please call and make an appointment. Just know at Henrich Dental you and your family will always be safe and cared for. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence and your cooperative effort towards maintaining health and well-being.

Thank You,
Henrich Dental
Dr. Frank Henrich