Virtual Dentistry in Tulsa, OK

Experience the Convenience of Dental Consults Online

What Is Teledentistry?

Dr. Henrich can provide the same experienced dental advice and treatment recommendations from the comfort of your home using secure video consultation software. makes teledentistry accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Enjoy a safe, relaxing environment for discussing your dental concerns or exploring treatment options. logo

The Benefits of Teledentistry

  • No downloads or accounts
  • Simple and convenient to use
  • Private and secure

Why Choose Virtual Dentistry?

HD Dental Care in Video HD

Henrich Dental strives to offer patients the most accessible and comprehensive dental care available. With, Dr. Henrich can meet with you from your home or office using a HIPAA compliant video conference to discuss a dental problem or any restorative or cosmetic needs you may have. There are many reasons why virtual dentistry can be beneficial for patients:

  • An illness that is preventing an office visit
  • Difficulty traveling to our office
  • Schedule conflicts
  • Concerns about exposure to illness
  • Second opinions

Making Your Appointment & Checking In

The process for your online dental consultation is easy. Simply click the schedule appointment button on this page and choose virtual dentistry in the dropdown. Our office will contact you shortly to schedule a convenient time for your virtual dental appointment with Dr. Henrich. You will receive a link for accessing the software and beginning your online consultation.

Dr. Henrich can discuss your dental problems or concerns and make treatment recommendations. Our office will follow up to schedule any necessary visits to address your needs.

Why Choose Henrich Dental?

Experience you can trust: meet Dr. Henrich

Frank Henrich, DDS has served the Tulsa, Oklahoma area for years, and he continues to develop his skills through ongoing education and training in the most recent technological and procedural advances. As a Tulsa dentist, he specializes in cosmetic and restorative solutions and can provide everything from fillings to full mouth restorations.

Dr. Henrich is an active member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Oklahoma Dental Association (ODA), and the Tulsa County Dental Society.

Advanced Care for TMJ Disorders in Tulsa

Virtual Consults for the Symptoms of TMJ

Are you suffering from jaw pain, frequent tension headaches or neck pain?

Dr. Henrich has completed a mini-residency program for craniofacial pain and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders commonly called TMJ. He offers comprehensive diagnostics and a range of treatment options to address the symptoms and effects of TMJ disorders. These can include:

  • Worn, flat teeth
  • Teeth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Jaw pain and muscle tension
  • Chipped or cracked teeth

Teledentistry provides a confidential and convenient solution for discussing your concerns and exploring treatment options from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual dentistry?

Virtual dentistry or teledentistry is the use of a secure and HIPAA compliant video conference software to meet with Dr. Henrich from your home or office.

How much does virtual dentistry cost?

There is no fee or cost for using Henrich Dental will charge a nominal consultation fee which will be confirmed when scheduling your virtual appointment.

How do I schedule a digital dentistry appointment?

Our online schedule appointment form enables you to choose a virtual consult. Our office will contact you by phone or email once we receive your form to schedule your time.

Is virtual dentistry Secure?

Yes. uses encryption of data and a secure, HIPAA compliant server to facilitate your online dental consult and video connection. No data is stored.

Do I need to sign up for an account?

No. is free to access and use for the patient. Dr. Henrich maintains an account with to offer a virtue; waiting room and a secure means of conducting an online consult.

What will my digital dentistry appointment be like?

Virtual dentistry with is similar to a facetime call or video conference on your computer. Patients and dentists can see each other and engage in a confidential conversation.