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Dental Anxiety Tulsa, OK

Dental anxiety and fear of the dentist can be a debilitating condition that stops our patients from getting the dental care they need to keep their smile healthy. Patients who avoid visiting their dentist in Tulsa OK are more likely to have a complex dental problem because they aren’t getting the care they need.

Having complex dental issues means that our patients may have to undergo a more advanced treatment to restore their smile. The best way to avoid the development of complex dental problems is to practice an excellent oral hygiene routine and schedule routine visits to the dentist.

At Henrich Dental in Tulsa, OK, Dr. Frank Henrich understands that each patient is different. He and our dental care team create an environment where our patients can remain stress-free and comfortable. Depending on your needs, Dr. Henrich may suggest sedation dentistry as a solution to help you feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe during a much-needed or desired dental treatment. With the use of sedation dentistry, Dr. Henrich can perform multiple procedures while you remain relaxed and comfortable.

Sedation dentistry can enable anxious and fearful patients to repair their tooth damage, restore their missing teeth or achieve a smile makeover with little stress.

Tulsa OK dentist treats dental anxiety

Combatting Dental Anxiety in Tulsa at Henrich Dental

Each patient’s dental fear can stem from different factors. Factors like fear of control, fear of pain, past experiences, and fear of needles can have an effect on your mind. Dr. Henrich and his dental care team work with each patient on an individual basis to determine the cause of their dental anxiety. We will create an environment based on your needs that is not only safe but also comfortable.

We offer solutions to help combat your dental anxieties and get you the treatments that you need. Sedation dentistry can be a practical option for patients who suffer from dental anxiety, have an active gag reflex, or need to undergo advance treatment. Sedation dentistry is also a valuable solution for children who have a difficult time staying still throughout their treatment. Our goal is to provide a safe, relaxed environment for each of our patients. We will make sure that you get the dental treatment you need to improve your smile.

We offer IV sedation, conscious sedation, and needle-free sedation. However, not every sedation option will be the right choice for every patient. During your visit, Dr. Henrich will perform an evaluation and review your overall health to determine which sedation option is best for you. Dr. Henrich takes pride in providing a personalized treatment plan for each of his patients.

Dental Anxiety FAQs

How do I cope with dental anxiety?

The best way to cope with dental anxiety is to communicate with your dentist. Expressing any concerns you may have is a great way to ensure that you and your dentist are on the same page. Our dentist has options to make you more comfortable during your visit. Deep breathing exercises and listening to calming music are also good ways to calm your nerves while at the dentist. It is important to let us know how you feel so that we can make adjustments to help you feel more comfortable during your visit.

You can also prepare yourself mentally. Give yourself time to mentally prepare ahead of time. You can make a checklist of the steps leading up to the appointment to help organize and focus your mind. If possible, do a bit of research on the dental procedure you’ll be receiving so that you can understand what will be happening. We know that it’s easier said than done, but stay positive! Focus on the positive aspects of the visit and how your oral health will improve.

Should I tell my dentist that I have anxiety?

Yes, it’s a great idea to communicate with your dentist if thinking about dental visits and procedures causes you anxiety. If you take oral anxiety medication, you should tell our dentist before your appointment. Telling us about your medications will ensure that we do not give you any medications that may negatively interact with what you are already taking.

How common is fear of dentists?

At least one-third of the population experiences anxiety before going to the dentist. Of this statistic 3-4% of people have dentophobia, or extreme fear of the dentist. If you struggle with dental anxiety of dentophobia it is important to know that you are not alone. Our dentist has options to make you more comfortable throughout your visits.

Schedule a consultation today! If you are struggling with dental fear, or haven’t visited the dentist for your preventive care visit, contact Henrich Dental in Tulsa, OK. Dr. Henrich is a highly-trained dentist that provides compassionate and patient-focused dental care. We offer a range of dental services to help you maintain a healthy, functional smile. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the dental care you need; visit us at Henrich Dental.