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The Power Of Your Smile

Do you know the full power of your smile? Studies show that a healthy, confident smile can actually help you feel and look better. People who smile more are viewed as more attractive, happier, and are more likely to enjoy a better quality of life. Tulsa dentist Dr. Henrich can help you and your whole family smile bright!

The Power Of Your Smile

When you feel confident in your smile the quality of your life could improve. 92% of people say that smiling can brighten someone else’s day and 88% of those people say that smiling makes them feel better. Having a healthy smile can increase your mood and spread happiness.

It is thought that those who smile more live 7 years longer than those who do not. A healthy smile is directly correlated to a healthy body. Taking care of your teeth and gums can help avoid the development of inflammation and gum disease. Inflammation is believed to be the leading cause of conditions such as heart disease and cardiovascular disease, and it all starts with your oral health.

Healthy teeth and gums are good for your mood, and good for your health. Visiting the dentist every six months can help to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Routine dental checkups help prevent more advanced health concerns and can keep your natural smile healthy for years to come.

Cosmetic dental concerns left untreated commonly develop into more advanced dental health concerns. Missing teeth, a misaligned bite, or discolored teeth should be addressed by your dentist to help prevent future oral health problems. Addressing cosmetic concerns can improve your oral health and your self confidence! Tulsa, OK Dr. Frank Henrich is a general and cosmetic dentist offering comprehensive and personalized dental care to adults and children.