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Know Your Plan, Maximize Your Benefits

Did you know that most dental insurance plans have a deadline of December 31?

For most patients, their dental insurance benefits do not roll over year to year, this means to get the most from your dental insurance plan, you should visit the dentist prior to December 31.  If you do not use your dental benefits or your flexible spending account year to year, you lose it.

Know Your Plan

Be sure to contact your insurance company to ensure that Dec. 31 is the cut off date for your plan and then get to the dentist! For most patients, the contact information for their dental insurer is on the back of their insurance card. Knowing the details and cutoffs for your dental insurance plan can help you budget your expenses to ensure you are able to receive the dental health care you need.

If patients of Henrich Dental have additional questions about their dental insurance they can call our office.

If you still have dental benefits that have not been used, contact Tulsa, OK Henrich Dental to request your oral health consultation.

Whether you have a Flexible spending account or a benefit plan, you can use your insurance to help cover the cost of some dental health care procedures. Dental insurance can make affording dental care easier, relieving some of the financial cost.

Henrich Dental Health

At our Tulsa, OK dentist office Dr. Henrich encourages patients to visit the dentist at least 2 times a year. Many insurance plans cover at least one preventative visit a year 100%, often two visits. Take advantage of any savings your insurance offers to help maintain the health and integrity of your smile. Routine dental health exams can help patients avoid the need for more costly and advanced dental procedures that insurance may not fully cover.

Henrich Dental offers full-service dental care for children and adult patients. Our family dentist is your one-stop dentist office for all your family’s dental health care needs. From regular cleanings, mouthguards and dental fillings to full mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic smile makeovers, our HD team can help you and your whole family smile bright all year long.