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What to Expect at Your Root Canal Appointment

Root canal. It’s a phrase that often elicits fear and anxiety in many patients. But a root canal in Tulsa, OK, isn’t anything to worry about. Root canals are procedures that alleviate pain, not cause it. Once you know what to expect at your root canal appointment, you can face the procedure with confidence and awareness, knowing you’re doing everything you can to help preserve your tooth.

A Root Canal in Tulsa, OK, can help your oral health and comfort

Why Would You Need a Root Canal Appointment?

There are a few reasons your dentist might recommend a root canal. The most common is an infected pulp inside your tooth. These pulps are the number one leading cause of tooth pain. If left untreated, they can lead to gum disease and even loss of your tooth. A root canal removes the pulp, reducing the odds of needing an extraction.

You may also need a root canal if your tooth suffers excessive decay, damage, or a broken restoration.

What Happens at a Root Canal Appointment?

While it may sound like a painful procedure, a root canal shouldn’t be any more or less painful than getting a cavity filled. Your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. You may likely still feel the work being done, but it shouldn’t hurt. If it does, be sure to let your dentist know, as the anesthetic may not have taken effect.

Once the affected area is numb, your dentist will drill a small hole in the back of your tooth. This allows them to reach the root of your tooth with a specialized cleaning tool. Using this tool, your dentist will clear out the infected pulp and clean the area, ensuring your tooth has the best odds of staying healthy and strong. 

Recovery from a root canal appointment only takes a few days. For many patients who suffer from infected pulps, the pain relief often outweighs the recovery discomfort. If you do continue to experience pain after your recovery time, contact your dentist right away.

What Happens After a Root Canal?

While the root canal itself helps clean your tooth of the infected pulp, it does leave a hole that could cause more infection. That’s why most teeth with a root canal end up getting a restorative crown as well. This additional treatment could help prevent further damage and create a strong bite. Your dentist will determine which restorative treatment is right for you after your tooth has healed from the root canal.

Where to Get a Root Canal in Tulsa, OK

If you’re experiencing extreme tooth sensitivity or pain, you should see your dentist right away. The cause could be an infected tooth pulp. At Henrich Dental, we can perform a root canal right in our Tulsa, OK, office. With one dental procedure, you may find relief from pain and sensitivity. Call our office today at (918) 262-4731 to schedule an initial consultation and learn if a root canal in Tulsa, OK, is right for you.