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How One Dentist Can Treat Your Whole Family

Coordinating your family’s schedule isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to doctor’s offices. But having a family dentist who treats your entire family can certainly make the job a little easier. With family dentistry in Tulsa, OK, you and your children can get high-quality dental care all from the same office. By treating both adults and children, your family dentist can help keep everyone’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.

FAMILY DENTISTRY in Tulsa, OK, can help children, teens, and adults keep up with their oral health

Why Choose Family Dentistry 

Seeking a family dentist can be a great way to help minimize the frustration of coordinating dental appointments. Children need proper dental care, but a pediatric dentist won’t be able to see older members of your family. Having one dentist who can treat everyone in your family is a boon in many ways.

Maintaining Records

Pediatric dentistry is crucial to helping children develop strong and healthy bites into their adulthood. However, once children age out of pediatric dentistry, their oral health doesn’t stop needing attention. Switching from a pediatric dentist to a general dentist can be a little tricky. It also takes a while for a new dentist to become familiar with your mouth and understand your specific needs or desires. A family dentist can begin seeing a patient as soon as their first tooth starts to erupt and can continue to treat them well into their adult years. By keeping the same family dentist for all stages of life, patients can trust that their treatment is best suited to their needs.

Reducing Dental Anxiety

Many patients suffer from fear of the dentist’s office. But starting dentistry young and keeping up on appointments as children can help reduce anxiety in the future. Family dentists know how frightening and uncomfortable a dental office can be, especially for younger patients. That’s why they tend to schedule additional time for new and young patients to help them get used to the office and the chair before any treatment begins. By staying in the same dental office with the same dentist, many patients can become familiar with the process early on and remain calm and comfortable when seeking treatment as an adult. 

Coordinating Appointments

For most patients, seeing the dentist every six months can help protect your teeth and prevent decay or disease. However, if everyone in your family is on different cleaning schedules, you may end up feeling like you’re driving to the dentist every month. Having one family dentist for everyone can help make coordination easier. Many families can schedule appointments on the same day, helping everyone get the oral care they need in one visit rather than several. This can also be extremely beneficial for younger patients or patients with anxiety. By going to the dentist with trusted family members, they can feel more at ease getting the treatment they need. 

At Henrich Dental, we believe in helping every member of the family get the proper oral care they need for a strong and healthy bite. Call us today at (918) 262-4731 to learn more about our commitment to providing high-quality family dentistry in Tulsa, OK.