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THANKFUL for Henrich Dental Patients

I want to share with you an experience I had about a week and a half ago. I had a dear friend and patient stop by my office with a gift. This visit wasn’t scheduled, she didn’t have an appointment. But, oh how this visit made my day! It was no ordinary gift, let me assure you. Patty made me an amazing quilt. WOW! Amazing really doesn’t do it justice. Words can’t really describe the love and appreciation that I felt from her and her family.

The words that she hand wrote in my quilt say: “For Dr. Henrich & family, We’re very grateful for all you do to keep us health and smiling!” She told me that this quilt was to be used and loved and snuggled in when sick or watching TV or whatever and that I was not to display it on a wall. She reminded me of how tall I was and that she wanted to make the quilt long enough so that it covered my toes. It’s super cozy and it covers my toes! Thank you Patty! You are a gifted quilter. Thank you for sharing your talent and I feel your love and appreciation.

Not only did she create this wonderful work of art for me and my family, but she included me, her dentist, in her “inner circle!” Patty has been working on her life story quilt that included beloved family members, friends, and other meaningful people, places and experiences in her life. She went so far to include a special square for me. Again, what a humbling moment to know that I am that important to her. She told me that she hopes that I know how special I am to her. Thank you, Patty.

Do I share this blog post to brag, YES! Yes, I do. But, I’m not bragging about myself. I’m bragging about the Henrich Dental family that I serve. Our patients are #1 in our hearts. We don’t treat teeth here at Henrich Dental, we treat people. The things that we do everyday here in the office matter. The relationships we have and the care we offer is life changing. It’s meaningful and I love it! Our mission at Henrich Dental is to provide exceptional dentistry, giving you the healthy long-lasting smile you deserve. If you don’t love your dentist, or if you are looking for a dental home, I invite you to give us a call. We look forward to serving you and having you join our Henrich Dental family!

Hope to see you soon!  -Dr. Henrich