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How Do Your Brushing Habits Compare?

We are supposed to brush twice a day for two minutes each time. How many of us actually do that? See how you measure up!

From a recent poll:

  • 49% of men brush their teeth only once a day.
  • 57% of women brush their teeth only once a day.

And, the average person only brushes his or her teeth for 30 seconds each time—not nearly long enough! That’s only one-fourth of the time really needed!

Brush Softer, And Take The Full 2 Minutes

Many choose to brush more vigorously to save time. Although it’s quicker, brushing aggressively can wear down tooth enamel. If you brush harder than needed, remember to brush gently but thoroughly for the full two minutes. Dr. Henrich recommends using a soft brush and one that is smaller in size.  This helps to reach those hard-to-reach teeth and spaces in the back of your mouth that often get missed.  Some folks really like electric toothbrushes.  There are many out there on the market and Dr. Henrich sells one at his office for a very reasonable price if you are interested.  It doesn’t matter if you use a traditional or electric toothbrush.  Both do the same thing with the end goal in mind–get your teeth clean.  Just BRUSH those choppers!

Think About Your Brushing Technique

For the deepest clean possible, brush at a 45-degree angle in small circular motions around all tooth surfaces. One of the biggest places for build-up is around the gum line. If neglected, gums can become swollen and infected because of plaque left behind.  That is why it’s important to floss every day! #flosslikeaboss

Clean Your Tongue!

The tongue is the biggest bacteria host in the mouth! If you only brush your teeth, the bacteria left on your tongue transfers to your teeth, making them dirty again. Remember to clean every area of the tongue. If you experience a gag reflex when using a toothbrush, consider trying a tongue scraper. A clean tongue helps keep your teeth clean, and it helps keep your breath fresh! We sell a great tongue scraper at our office, or you can pick one up at your favorite store. Try one, it works!

We Love Your Smile

We’re focused on helping your smile look and feel its best! We’re committed to your overall health as well. Remember, brushing twice a day for two minutes each time is a necessity, not a recommendation.