Dental implant procedure in Tulsa OK

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most popular solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. The results look and function just like your natural teeth, and at Henrich Dental we have the skills and experience to make sure the job is done right.

The benefits of dental implants offer long term dental health when compared to dentures as well as dental bridges. An implant can revitalize your entire smile, restore your ability to eat and speak, and you can clean and maintain it just like you would your natural teeth.

3D Digital Planning

With the use of state of the art digital imaging, Dr. Henrich is able to create a 3-D model used for more precise treatment planning. The Kavo OP 3D CBCT creates lifelike digital models that help Dr. Henrich produce more accurate and secure implant results. These highly accurate models often result in less invasive surgery saving patients time and money. 3D imaging provides as an aid for precision, improving the end result.

A Simple Procedure

The first step in this process involves implanting a titanium “root.” We use titanium because it is strong, lightweight, and your jawbone will actually fuse right to it. Once the bone has healed around it, the connection will be as strong as your normal roots.

We will then place an abutment on top of the titanium, which will hold the porcelain crown. This crown will look just like your natural teeth, and it will be made specifically to fit in your mouth. It will be indistinguishable when you smile, and it will let you eat all your favorite foods.

Get Started Now

Missing teeth can be very problematic. Your remaining teeth could start to shift positions or they might even start to come loose on their own. You might even start to notice changes in your facial appearance. Get your implants started now so we can preserve the bone structure and reduce the risk of further cavities and gum disease.

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