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Preserve Oral Health While Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the United States, with about half of American adults enjoying this drink regularly. Whether cozying with a warm mug or grabbing an iced drink on the go, many individuals have incorporated coffee into their daily routine.

However, coffee can be detrimental to your oral health in many ways if you are not careful. Dr. Frank Henrich, your dentist in Tulsa, OK, provides three points to consider to preserve the health of your teeth while you drink coffee.

coffee and oral health in Tulsa Oklahoma

Beware of Teeth Discoloration

Darker-colored beverages like coffee contain molecules called tannins that can absorb into tooth enamel over time and leave stains on your teeth. Once absorbed, they cannot be removed with teeth brushing.

You can add milk to your drink or choose a lighter-colored brew to lower the risk of this tooth discoloration. However, dentists recommend enjoying coffee in moderation to increase the likelihood of avoiding these stains. If you notice yellowing, staining, or discoloration in your teeth, you can ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening to restore your smile’s appearance.

Avoid Adding Sugar

Coffee is a naturally bitter drink, so many people add sugar to their beverage to enhance its taste. Unfortunately, sugar is notoriously bad for your teeth because it reacts with bacteria in your mouth to become acidic.

This acidic environment eats away at tooth enamel, leaving you with cavities and potentially painful symptoms like tooth sensitivity. For this reason, dentists often suggest avoiding added sugar wherever possible, including your cup of coffee.

Drink Water Too

Many coffee drinkers appreciate the boost of caffeine that comes with a cup of coffee. However, caffeine is known to dehydrate you, which can cause problems throughout your body, including your oral health.

Low hydration levels dry out your mouth, which allows bacteria to spread more easily through your mouth. This increases the likelihood of oral infections, such as gum disease. Advanced stages of gum disease can deteriorate your dental health, potentially resulting in tooth loss. Drinking water along with your coffee can reduce these risk factors and improve your overall wellbeing.