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Oral Surgery at Your Tulsa, OK Dentist

If you need treatment beyond just general dentistry, Henrich Dental is able to provide it. Dr. Frank Henrich can perform oral surgery procedures at his Tulsa, OK dentist office. Learn more about the surgical services we can provide and what you can expect from them.tulsa, oklahoma dentist

Do I Need Oral Surgery?

At Henrich Dental we create personalized treatment plans for each patient we serve. Using his expertise, Dr. Henrich will analyze your oral health and determine the needs for your treatment. If you need oral surgery, he’ll explain the techniques that he’ll use and the details of the procedure. He’ll also detail our sedation dentistry options so that you know you’ll be comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Sometimes, patients that want to replace missing teeth with dental implants don’t have the bone density they need to support them. A healthy bone structure is required to give implants the stability they need to be successful. If you don’t have enough bone to go forward with the dental implantation process, we can provide bone grafting to give you the required structure.

Bone grafting is transplanting healthy bone tissue to recreate bone and tissue structure that’s missing. Usually, human donor bone is used for the different grafts. Sometimes the jawbone will need to be widened to accommodate a dental implant. Other grafts are used when there are large defects in the jaw. Usually, it takes about 4-6 months for grafts to heal before we can move forward with the implants.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Getting wisdom teeth extracted is pretty common for people in their teens and early twenties. Sometimes, dentists recommend getting them removed as soon as they’re emerging. They do the extraction as a preventative measure since wisdom teeth can cause problems for so many people.

At our office, Dr. Henrich will determine whether he thinks your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. We have technology that can see exactly where the wisdom teeth are located and what angle they’re at before they erupt. Wisdom teeth can cause problems with overcrowding in your mouth, as well as crooked teeth and infections.

Tooth Extraction

Teeth are extracted only when it’s deemed completely necessary. Removing teeth leads to the loss of the tooth root and causes the jawbone to deteriorate. We’ll try to use conservative measures to salvage the tooth as much as possible before we choose to go the extraction route. Things like extreme tooth decay, an infection, or dental trauma can lead to a tooth that needs to be extracted.

Your tooth will most likely need to be replaced unless it’s removed due to overcrowding. Your dentist in Tulsa, OK will work with you to see which replacement option is right for you. If you have enough bone density or they think you’ll respond well to a bone graft, dental implants will most likely be recommended.

Oral Surgery at Your Tulsa, Oklahoma Dentist

Determine whether you’ll need oral surgery or further care than general dentistry. Call us or schedule a consultation online to get a personalized treatment plan.