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Patient Testimonial

We received an email yesterday from one of our patients, Allie.  We wanted to share her exciting testimonial:

“I first started experiencing debilitating migraine headaches when I was 15 years old. I’ve had every CT, MRI, and lumbar puncture test you could think of. I’ve been on almost every known medication including IV meds with several hospitalization’s. When I was 17 I started seeing a chiropractor that helped decrease the intensity of the pain but never really got rid of them and sometimes it didn’t even help with the migraines. I first saw Dr. Henrich in January of 2016 when he introduced me to the idea of a mouth piece that could potentially help my headaches. Almost immediately after getting the device I could see a difference in the intensity and frequency of my headaches! I’ve had the device for almost 5 months have gone completely off daily prescription medication. I’ve only taken medication for the occasional break through headache that occurs. I’ve gone from 2-3 headaches a week to maybe 2-3 a month! I’m so impressed and incredibly thankful for Dr. Henrich and the new life I’ve gained!”  -Allie

Thank you Allie, for your confidence and trust!  We are so glad you are a part of our HD family.

Dr. Henrich LOVES seeing transformations with his patients’ overall health and well-being.  He doesn’t just fix teeth,  he treats people.  At Henrich Dental, you can enjoy the comfort of a dental home that focuses on your total well being. Dr. Henrich knows that your oral health is linked to overall health which is why we value preventive care and ensuring our patient family is educated on how to maintain a healthy smile.  By helping you enrich your smile through advanced general and cosmetic dentistry, we know we are also helping to enrich your life, giving you a new level of confidence and satisfaction with your appearance.  So if you or someone you know is looking for a dental home, we invite you to choose Henrich Dental.