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Why Does My Dentist Offer Botox?

You may not think of going to your local dentist in Tulsa, OK to get Botox treatments. However, here at Henrich Dental, we use Botox for a variety of reasons. From improving your appearance to treating TMJ disorders, Henrich Dental is an establishment you can trust for all of your Botox in Tulsa, Oklahoma

What is Botox and How Does it Work?

Botox is something called a neurotoxic protein. It comes in an injectable form, and when it’s injected into a muscle it temporarily paralyzes it. This helps the muscle relax and smooth out any lines that may be occurring in the targeted area. If your muscles are constantly tense and painful in the face, it can also help relax them to ease the pain.

Why is Botox Used at Henrich Dental?

Botox is in the perfect hands at a dental practice. Dentists are experienced with using tiny needles to aim the injection at the perfect spot. They use needles like this every day for local anesthesia in the mouth. This is why your local dentist may be the best place you can go if you’re thinking about getting Botox.

We use Botox the same way as many cosmetic practices. It can be used to smooth out lines and wrinkles in the skin. We especially recommend getting it to remove smile lines and other wrinkles around the mouth. This helps enhance your smile, making it more radiant and eye-catching.

Dr. Frank Henrich will do a full evaluation for each patient. He can help you determine if Botox is going to meet the cosmetic goals that you’ve set for yourself. Injection sites will be figured out so that the Botox is ensured to have the best effect. A session of Botox takes about 10-30 minutes depending on the number of injections and the sites of them.

In addition, Botox is useful to help treat TMJ disorders and other facial pain. TMJ often leads to tension in the jaw, teeth grinding headaches, and tension and stress in the facial muscles. An injection of Botox can lead to the immediate relief of many of these symptoms.

Botox isn’t a permanent treatment. The muscle is only paralyzed temporarily, meaning you’ll have to come back into the office every few months if you want to continue treatment. If you have TMJ, Dr. Henrich can reevaluate your condition and recommend how to continue with treatment.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Tulsa, Oklahoma Dentist

If you think Botox is the solution for your cosmetic goals or TMJ pain, call us today or schedule a consultation online. Dr. Henrich can analyze your particular condition. He’ll determine whether or not this treatment will give you the results you’re looking for. With the practiced precision of his injections, you’ll never want to go somewhere else for Botox again!