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Are My Headaches Being Caused From An Oral Issue?

tmj headaches tulsa ok dentistWhen most people get headaches, they often assume it is related to a medical issue. What many patients fail to realize is that headaches can also be a symptom of a dental issue such as tooth grinding and TMJ disorder. TMJ Disorder (TMD) occurs when there is dysfunction in the jaw joint and the muscle that surround the jaw. Diagnosing TMJ disorder can be a complicated process, which is why it is important to visit a dentist who has advanced training.

Dr. Frank Henrich of Henrich Dental can work with you to assess your symptoms and determine if you have TMJ disorder. We offer a range of treatment options to alleviate your symptoms and restore function to your smile. If you would like to learn more about your options, visit our Tulsa, OK dentist office.

What Is TMJ / TMD?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located on both sides of the jaw and acts as a hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. TMJ disorders are a type of temporomandibular disorder, or TMD, that can cause pain in your jaw joint and tension in the muscles that control jaw movement. TMJ can be very uncomfortable and lead to discomfort when eating, speaking, or laughing. It can also cause chronic headaches which can have a serious impact on your daily quality of life.

Treatment Options For TMJ Headaches

Depending on your needs, we may recommend one or of the following to address your TMJ headaches:

  • Botox
  • Orthodontics
  • TENs unit

Botox As A Treatment For TMJ

Botox injections can help relieve some of the stress in the jaw. This non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment can be completed during one visit to our Tulsa dentist office. Many patients notice results up to 1-2 days after their treatment. To maintain your results, you may need to undergo treatment every few months.

Is Botox Treatment Painful?

The mild discomfort associated with the botox TMJ Treatment procedure is due to the injections, but it is generally minimal and brief. Tenderness from the injection can be reduced by having Dr. Henrich numb the proposed injection sites with a cold pack or anesthetic cream.

Are There Any Side Effects From Botox Treatment?

After the botox TMJ Treatment, muscle tenderness will start to diminish after the first day. Dr. Henrich will explain all aspects of your care prior to your appointment.

Schedule A Consultation

If you are experiencing chronic headaches, you can schedule an appointment online, or call our Tulsa dental office at (918)-208-0273.