Checking the Backs of teeth

Oral Surgery

Some procedures require more experience and training than general dentistry, and at Henrich Dental we offer oral surgery for those who require these treatments. When you work with us, we will discuss your history, concerns, and potential problems so you can make the best decisions about the procedures that are right for you. This might include:


If your teeth are too crowded, too infected, or causing other problems, an extraction may be an option for you.

Wisdom teeth extractions

Wisdom teeth come in much later in life and have the potential to cause some serious problems. We can analyze the situation and determine when and if they need to be removed.

Dental implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, an implant may be the best solution. We remove the root of the tooth and replace it with a titanium implant. This serves as the base for a natural-looking crown that functions just like your natural teeth.

Oral surgery requires specific skills and knowledge, and Dr. Henrich has been providing these solutions for years. We want to help you start smiling again as soon as possible, so if we determine that this is the right option for you, we’ll do everything we can to help the healing process and minimize the discomfort.

Contact us to set up your appointment to discuss your options.